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Wall Street Charging Bull

Wall Street Charging Bull is a common stock market icon and has been in existence since the time. Wall Street Bull statue with moustache stands on the stock exchange floor showing courage, strength, power and success. It symbolizes good trade instincts of an individual who wants to make money out of any situation be it bull or bear market conditions so that he can plan his position accordingly without any fear from adverse markets’ effect over him

What is the Charging Bull?

The Charging Bull has become a global icon of the stock market and big business in the United States and India. It’s also one of New York City’s most visited attractions. Tourists come from all over the world to see the bronze beast, strike positions in front of it, and take photos with it.

It makes you wonder how it became so well-known. The majority of visitors have no idea what the story is about. That is, after all, part of my work as a tour guide [Stay till the end I have some goodies for you]. I’m here to tell you about how it all began and how the statue came to be where it is now.

Here’s all you need to know about the Charging Bull, including how to see it in person when you’re in New York and also in India.

What does the bull symbolize in Wall Street?

Di Modica created the Wall Street Bull to represent America’s strength and resilience after the 1987 stock market crash. According to his assistant on the time, Di Modica constructed the statue to “encourage everybody to realize America’s strength.” But visitors and locals alike have their own take on what the Wall Street Bull means. Some say it’s a shrine to American capitalism. Others say it’s a symbol of good luck — and that giving it a rub is similar to rubbing Buddha’s belly.

Why is there a bull statue on the stock market?

It depicts a bull, the symbol of aggressive financial optimism and prosperity, leaning back on its haunches and with its head lowered as if ready to charge.

What is the bull called on Wall Street?

The Charging Bull (also referred to as the Wall Street Bull) is a massive 7,100-pound bronze sculpture located in the Financial District in New York City. At 11 feet tall and 16 feet long, the aggressive bull is an unmistakable tribute to power and prosperity.

What are the advantages of using a showpiece in your office?

Aapki Marzi Wall Street Charging Bull Statue is a stunning piece of art that will complement any room in your home! This table accent, which has a strong relationship to Feng Shui, will look fantastic on your console table or display cabinet. Muscularity, thicker bones, huge feet, a very muscular neck, and a large boney head featuring protecting ridges over the eyes are all characteristics of bulls.

In terms of Feng Shui and other similar philosophies from other cultures, the charging bull statue is considered to be a symbol of the Sun. Others, a Lunar symbol. However, most popular of all, in today’s world is the Charging Bull of Wall Street by ‎Arturo Di Modica, in reference to the bullish trend of financial markets.

The best placement to reap the benefits of the Feng Shui-inspired bull is the South-East corner of the home.



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