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Laptop Stickers (FAQs)

I have a nice computer; are you sure a laptop sticker won’t ruin it?

Absolutely not! Because our laptop stickers are printed on thick vinyl material, peeling and reapplying your laptop decal is simple and leaves no sticky residue. All you need to be concerned about is having the coolest looking customised laptop around.

Can I get a sticker for the keyboard area of my laptop?

Without a doubt! Our die-cut laptop stickers are also easily removable from laptop keyboards! Just make sure to order your laptop decal in the correct size. Custom laptop stickers can also be ordered for the area around the front of your laptop, such as beside the trackpad.

My kids have a tablet, but they can get a little messy; will my laptop stickers withstand spills and drops?

Our laptop stickers are completely water and food resistant, so anything spilled on them can be easily wiped away. Our laptop stickers are printed on a high – quality vinyl material, making them extremely difficult to rip or tear, completely drop-proof, and kid friendly!

Can I put my contact information on my laptop decal?

We encourage it! Any permanent marker can be used to write on our laptop decals. Alternatively, you can include text such as contact information directly on your laptop sticker to ensure that no one confuses it with their own and that it is returned safely if lost.

Will using a laptop skin or decal cause my computer to overheat?

Stickers and decals will not overheat your computer if they do not block any heat vents. Our computer stickers are generally regarded as safe for any on-computer application and can withstand temperatures generated on the computer’s surface. We would, however, advise against placing the computer stickers near any heat vents on the underside of a laptop. or on the back of desktop computers, as temperatures on serious gaming machines can reach extreme levels.

I’m not sure what “removable adhesive” means.

Because the adhesive is removable, your stickers will not fall off your laptop or become ripped and torn as you move it around. It also means that if you need to reposition or remove your custom stickers, there will be no residue or gunk on your laptop!

Is there a minimum order quantity? I only need one laptop sticker.

There is no limitation! If you want more than one design, you can order as few as 1 laptop sticker or 1 page of stickers.

Can I make stickers for my laptop with no material around so it’s just the artwork?

You can! These are called vinyl graphics and they can be custom made to your laptop. Contact [email protected] or Fill up the form and a member of our team can help you place a custom order.

I’m concerned that removing my stickers will damage my laptop. Will this be a problem?

Absolutely not! They will come off cleanly, leaving no messy residue behind. So you can keep switching them up and refreshing your look whenever you want!

How do I know which laptop sticker to buy?

Check our biggest library of laptop stickers in India.

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